Level Up

Painted 2.7.17

I can’t tell how I feel about today’s painting. It feels kind of uninspired. And I feel like I painted something similar before. It’s like a combination of the blue with yellow swirl (1.28.17) and the one that’s black with red (1.29.17). I guess not every day can be great, and oftentimes art is just things we’ve seen and experienced before combined and reshaped in different ways.

One thing I did notice was that recently I’ve been covering up the previous days painting and just making another one. And I don’t always have to do that. It would be interesting, I think, to try to continue adding onto and changing and existing painting rather than doing away with it completely.

During the process of painting, this morning, I found it interesting – and was initially surprised – when I put the green paint onto the canvas and started brushing it out, that the pieces that still showed from the previous painting was the white. If you’ll recall that last painting was the result of a painful experience. Ugly memories dug up and brought to the surface. The white came up during the end as a sort of catharsis to the situation. A felt sense of safety, light, anything good.

It made me feel good to see that the white was showing up while everything else was easily covered over. Maybe that’s how life really is, or can be, if we let it.


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