Painted 1.31.17

I can’t remember where today’s painting came from, well I do. It was part inspired by a DMT trip I had awhile ago, and part from that day’s meditation. There’s not much else to say about it except that I wished I could better depict that other dimension better. Not better, but more accurately. It felt good to paint with the brightness again. I’m not even a flower person, as far as patterns go. But in real nature, I love all of it.

Well, I hope I’ll meet that other dimension again, but for now, it was nice to revisit it in my mind. What a beautiful gift memories are- our ability to travel back in time and feel the same sensations and emotions, as though we actually were there. Maybe we are. Maybe each time we close our eyes and recall an experience, really, we’re no longer here thinking back to it, we’re just there.


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