Painted 1.30.17

On this day, I painted the base for the following day’s painting. I didn’t take a picture of it.

I had come back from a wonderful event marking an important milestone in a client’s entrepreneurial journey and the day was late by the time I got home. I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to finish a painting, but I was feeling much lighter than the previous day so I felt the need to paint over the previous days work. I covered the canvas in yellow as best I could and started painting an image I had visualized during my meditation (you may start to see a theme here). The painting didn’t come across as brightly as I had envisioned it and I was slightly frustrated, but then I realized – that’s ok. Again – this canvas is a continuing piece of art, like life, and just as life, we can’t always completely cover over the things we’ve endured. I left it to dry, ready and waiting for the following days layers. I wondered whether this was in line with how I wanted to do this project, whether I was “breaking the rules” but then I thought – fuck the rules. There are no rules here. I’m doing this for myself, no one else. So whatever I want to do I can and it’s totally fine. If I want to one day half paint a painting and leave it to dry to add the following day – I can do that. Life can also be similar – when we delay current gratification for delayed gratification by working today to set ourselves up for success tomorrow. The ability to do this can hold a lot of value, as long as we are able to keep it in balance. For myself, that means ensuring that what I am doing today is still enjoyable, that I am not absolutely hating what I am doing just for the sake of the payout tomorrow. Often in my life, I have stood at a fork in the road, having to make that decision between now vs. later and most often, I have chosen now. Recently, I ‘ve been finding myself, likely as a result of aging, tipping the balance slightly more in favor of later. I will have to keep an eye on it to ensure I don’t go overboard on the other end and find myself married with a bunch of kids, effectively delaying the gratification until my grave.



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